Nichijou OVA - Impression

So I watched Nichijou OVA. And I am disappointed. It was boring, really. I don't even think it was funny. Yeah some scenes made me chuckle a bit (pic above is one) but the overall episode was kinda hard to laughed off. To put it bluntly it lacks of emotion (and music maybe). I was kinda hoping it would be like Pani Poni Dash but I guess no luck. It is an OVA after all, I didn't expect that much.

It can't be helped
The OVA was divided into three parts. Part 1 is Praise, about Mio (the blue haired girl) who is trying to comfort Yuko for having a bad score test. Part 2, Cold, is all about a robot girl and Sakamoto-san (the black cat) who are trying to give a cold medicine to the loli professor. The third part is Reservation. It's about an empty train. Yeah you heard it right.

Fortunately this show has an awesome character, who is Sakamoto-san:
A talking black cat with red scarf? What do you mean, it's not awesome?


  1. lol, paling ngakak ngeliat yang pas adegan yang di gambar paling atas
    Sakamoto-san = Shiraishi Minoru --> epic!!

  2. loh seiyuunya Sakamoto-san itu Minoru Shiraisi ya? baru tahu saya :hammer:

  3. kalo dari suaranya dan ngeliat list cast-nya ada kanji 白石 [baca : shiraishi], berarti kemungkinan emang Shiraishi Minoru
    wa wa wa wasuremono~

  4. i feel the same way lol :) i realy like this blog to its been a while since ive been to a blog and i have no idea why i havent seen this blog before