Ano Hana 11 (End)

Well Ano Hana finally ended. I can't say I was satisfied with the ending. It was not that bad, just I thought they could make it more, err, tearjerking. I was expecting the ending to be able to  make my eyes at least a bit teary. But no, I didn't even feel sad like usual. I really think with all the plot they build from the previous 10 episodes they could make the ending more impactful. Instead the characters just sat there and cried. And then laughed. And cried again. And they played hide and seek. And suddenly KIMI TO NATSU NO OWARI. Credit rolled. Hell, even /a/ could write a better scenario. That being said, Ano Hana is still a rather enjoyable anime if you're into teen drama and don't mind with supernatural stuff (what the hell am I saying). Otherwise I'm not really recomend it though.

>mfw they all went "Menma mou ikkai mou ikkai? Watashi wa kyou mo korogarimasu"

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