Steins;Gate 11

Awesome episode as usual. Ack and a frickin' cliffhanger ending too!

Looks like they wanna try another crazy experiment again. This time it's memory transfer to the past. Holy shit that would be awesome if I could do that. I mean, I could anwer all those exam question in no time! I would become the smartest human being! I could predict Osama's death! Hell, I could even prevent myself from buying any of AMD products... wait never mind that.

Kurisu(tina) was so damn cute in this episode. I chuckled a lot during her conversation with Okarin about @channel. There were several points that I hope will get answered next episode because I can't fuckin' wait (Cristina is SERN spy? Her father was a real mad scientist? SERN knew all their experiment all this time? Is Nae actually Recette? Darn)

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