Open Deal

So I finally able to catch up with [C] after marathoning it up to episode 10. I believe the next episode is the last, that make this anime 11 episodes long. And my impression so far it's good and entertaining.

The story is no ordinary one as expected from a noitaminA anime. The story is rather depressing in my opinion. Lose the "deal" and your future will be taken. That's what happen to the teacher and that cool guy from episode 6. I kinda like this whole "saving Japan" thing near the end, which remind me of Higashi no Eden.

Honestly I don't really get what actually happened in this anime. There're much things that don't get explained that made me confused as soon as I watched the first episode. They do fight and stuffs and somehow it's related to Japanese economics. That's what I understand so far. And I still don't know who the actual villain is. Is it Mikuni? Or is it Masakaki?

Well despite all the plot holes [C] is rather entertaining. Even though it can be confusing at times but I can still enjoy the fight and oh the drama. There's always something to look forward every episode. Plot? The hell with it.

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