Obligatory Touhou Ten Desires Post

So the thirteenth (lucky number!) installment in Touhou series has been released by the drunken master of the East, ZUN in C80 yesterday. I can't say I'm not hyped up about this new Touhou because I am myself is a big fan of this danmaku masochism game. I'm not gonna say anymore, if you're a Touhou fan like me you're gonna enjoying more bullet porn on this one.

My first playthrough using Youmu. Of course I failed miserably later.
(Btw you can find the game easily on some torrent sites like Tokyotosho. Or you can buy it. Use fuckin' Google dammit)


  1. Yes. A bit better than Fairy Wars.

  2. Imma not gonna play with other girl until I beat Normal with Reimu... and Divine Spirit System FTW