Usagi Drop 06

Rin is finally getting into junior school, well that was fast. Ahh this made me remember the first time I entered my elementary school, which was nothing like that. My parent didn't plant a tree when I was born too so I guee that's why I can't become a ninja. Sigh.

Oh yeah I don't know why but I kinda like Rin's mom in the anime version. In the manga I find her very unlikeable. But in the anime she's sorta cute. Of course that has something to do with Maaya Sakamoto voicing her lol.

Not so related but dammit I need to write this.
And regarding Maaya, just recently I heard this breaking news that she's got married. Man, can't you friggin' believe that. Maaya Sakamoto. Is. Fuckin. Married. With Kenichi Suzumura no less. Maaya and SuzuKen did several roles together in the past such as Aerith & Zack (FF VII), Lunamaria & Shinn (Gundam Seed), Haruhi & Hikaru (Ouran), and my favorite shipping Shiki & Mikiya (KnK). Well, talk about chemistry here. Or unmei.

Well even though I feel a little sad (and I bet my ass alfare feels the same) I also feel happy for both of them. They're surely such a cute couple. Congrats to Maaya-sama & Suzumura Kenichi on their marriage!

(I still can hear the fanboys' shaking and crying)


  1. You got that right, man.
    You got that right. I heard about it yesterday and shouted it out loud on twitter.
    Bit weird for the chemistry (unmei) in GSD. But okay for the chemistry in KnK.
    Really, congrats for her.
    (Rlly think I should better get married too)

  2. I know that feel bro.

    (And yes you should get married ASAP... just kidding)