Scary fangirl is scary

Holyshit, she's actually a fujoshi!
A bit advice for whoever called themselves an author: Failure to meet a psycho crazy fangirl's demand can lead you into your own death. Several times.

This episode is kinda tragic in one way and another. I don't get how one could kill and torture another person just because of her love with a series of book written by that person.

...Wait, I think maybe I understand her feeling. I feel the same with Usagi Drop manga. I now must threaten its author to get the perfect and rational ending.

Well, Dantalian no Shoka is proceeding smoothly and better than I expected. I kinda like the episodic format this series has. The plot isn't that brilliant but nevertheless it's interesting. Too bad only some people that actually care to watch this anime.


  1. Yeah I really enjoyed this episode and most of the series up until now. They are doing something right to make each episode extremely interesting. For reasons I can't really explain, I really got into this episode.

    My only complaint was in episode 1 (and maybe a bit in episode 2) when the dragon just let him read the book for several minutes without attacking.

    Something I think this show does well is with Dalian who is a typical loli know it all. The difference here being that she actually gets called out on the crap she says and actually does get into dangerous situations.

  2. Maybe when he read the book it worked as he chant some kind of spell so the enemy cannot attack? I dunno.

    Yeah, Dalian is an interesting character even though I admit that she's a typical "mysterious young girl" type that you can find in other anime.