Mirai Nikki 04

So, we have a new character with a really fancy diary. She is the sixth diary owner. I'm not quite sure what actually happened because I was sleepy as I watched this episode. I remembered people were suddenly acted like zombies and started to kill each other because of hypnosis or something. In the end Yuno saved Yukiteru's sorry ass with her imb4 axe-wielding skill that would make Ryugu Rena embarassed of herself.

Seriously, Yukiteru? You're saved by a girl TWICE? What a wimp. He probably should participate in the next Holy Grail War and summon Iskandar to make a man out of himself.


  1. The adaptation is turning to be much better then expected.

    Did not expect the censorship though. Hope it won't be a problem in the future (Waiting for the BD's is irritating)

  2. Damn, my inet goes really slowly this afternoon. I'm curious about the picture above. Agggghhh....

  3. @Fabrice
    Yeah I also thought the censorship is kinda annoying. Fortunately it doesn't as extreme as the censorship in Deadman Wonderland.

    Haha well that;s ufortunate of you :p