My Top Ten Touhou Songs

Art by Sano
Today when I was busy *cough*studying*cough* while listening to my Touhou Soundtrack playlist I suddenly feel like to pick ten songs that can be categorized as my favourites. So rather than trying to understand what the hell quick sort or shell sort are, I decided to write this post instead.

10. Flowering Night
A theme fitting for a badass maid ready to kick some ass.

09. Ghostly Band ~ Phantom Ensemble
It's quite a struggle to decide between this song and stage 4 theme. In the end I choose this song, the reason is still a mystery even to me.

08. The Youkai Mountain ~ Mysterious Mountain
It's hard not to tap my foot everytime this song played. Of course, I'd die afterward.

07. Reincarnation
Oh how I love Mima's theme. It feels like I was in the middle of a very hard battle against a final boss in an RPG.

06. Alice in Wonderland
Another PC-98-era theme. What a charming tunes.

05. Necrofantasia
This song is nothing short of epic.

04. Satori Maiden ~ 3rd eye
Satori's theme that has the mysterious vibe on it.

03. Doll Judgment ~ The Girl who Played with People’s Shapes
Lovely theme.

02. Fall of Fall ~ Autumnal Waterfall
This song gives a calm atmosphere whenever I hear it. Always refreshing.

01. Border of Life
Beautiful and elegant. Perfect theme for Yuyuko.

That's it. Yeah I know, I know. Four songs from PCB, I'm obviously being biased here. It just PCB is my favourite game of all Touhou. Honestly, there are so many other good songs beside those songs I mentioned here. I'm sure everyone has their own favourites when it comes to Touhou songs. Every game has their own unique music, no wonder Touhou fanbase is one of the most fanatic fanbase in history. I could easily love Touhou just for the music. Praise ZUN for that.


  1. You know what?
    the list is exactly what i had in mind,
    except that id put Flowering Night a bit higher in the ranking ^^

  2. Nice to know that there is another person who has similar taste to me!

  3. where's Sepette of Dead Princess!! :v

  4. Sorry bro, I love Remilia theme but not in top ten