Mirai Nikki 05 & 06

The casts in Mirai Nikki are just as insane as the casts in Mawaru Penguindrum.

Mmm, Yukiteru was actually saving Yuno? I almost couldn't believe my eyes. Yuno still kicked some ass as usual though. She probably could get thrown into L4D2 world with only an axe as a weapon and still get to the safe house alive. Also, Tsubaki has such a tragic past. May she rest in peace.

There's no doubt that Yuno would make a good waifu. I'd hit her if only she has a bit sanity. Hell, I'd probably still hit her with her current attitude. Good for her that Yukiteru's mother is such an easygoing parent. Not to mention that she works as a Modern Warfare 3 video game programmer. You will never have a mother that works as a video game programmer.