Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai 11 & 12 (End)

Yozora deredere mode is the miracle of the universe.

Ahh, Haganai finale is sure a best way to enjoy your holiday. In the final episode, we saw the first Yozora x Kodaka encounter (episode 1) from Yozora perspective which is not exactly what we thought happen. I admit this adds more character depths to Yozora.

But wait. Let's talk a bit about episode 11, shall we?

First thing first, glad to see the OreImo casts still around.

Rika.. my God, motherfuckin' Rika!! Chocobanana blowjob! Too bad she's officially friendzone'd this episode. Even after she won a Xbox360 for Kodaka. Thankless bastard.

Ponytail Sena!! Praise the heavens!! I quite like the part where Kodaka and Sena talked about why he won't dye his hair. I can feel they're getting more and more intimate.

While the others have their own parts as well, the focus on the final episode is, well, Yozora.
I love her short hair more than long hair :3 Kinda changed her image.

My favorite part of the episode www. Their classmates were like, "A weird-smelling liquid you can't wash out?" I was smiling nonstop because I know someone would gladly make a doujin about that.

I was afraid for a second because this episode was leaning toward Yozora end. But fear not, my fellow Sena fanboys! This anime took the legendary 'everything goes like usual' path which means Sena still has a chance.

Oh Rika you crazy girl. Also, notice how everyone but Sena failed to notice that the girl is in fact Yozora. Oh, and that ikemen costume is perfect for Yozora! Good job Rika.

So because this post is getting nowhere (I just merely dumping pictures) so let's end this with final impression. Even though there's nothing brilliant with the plot, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai successfully entertains me from start to finish. Considering the fact that I'm an avid fan of the light novel, I can proudly say that I love the anime adaptation. I love the characters, their own 'unique' traits and their interactions with each other. I like how the Neighbors Club try to do what those popular people do and ended up miserably.  While I call this anime my guilty pleasure of the season, it's actually my most favorite Fall anime, along with Ben-To  and Fate/Zero. Here's hoping for another season of Haganai!


  1. "Chocobanana blowjob!", LOL

    I was thinking naughty and slighty smile when their classmates said "A weird-smelling liquid you can't wash out?" >3<