Daily Lives of High School Boys [Pre-Air]

Yeah, it's been out for a while and in fact I have rewatched all the episodes like three times already so it's about time I write about this anime a little. Daily Lives of High School Boys is a slice-of-life comedy anime that will be aired in the next season. To tell you the truth the anime roster for Winter 2012 looks awful (which is one of the reason why I haven't make a preview post for next season. The other reason is well, Skyrim). There isn't any title that I am looking forward to other than Nisemonogatari. Then I discovered about this anime which pre-air episodes have already released. And much to my surprise, those four pre-air episodes were actually funny! They only run for about 5 minutes per episode so I recommend you to give it a try. I hope the TV series can be as entertaining as the pre-air episodes.


  1. Slice of life and comedy sounds promising. Yeah, I'm looking forward Nisemonogatari too :)

  2. Too bad these two are the only titles I look forward to next season.