Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo

Quick impression on Makoto Shinkai's new movie Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo (Eng: Children who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below).

It can't be denied that Makoto Shinkai is one of my favorite anime directors, for his magnificent works such as Voices of a Distant Star and 5 Centimeters per Second. Once again, he tried to work his magic into a new movie titled Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo.

As you may know, Shinkai's movies are famous for their beautiful backgrounds and fortunately, Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo has that trait too. Every frame from this movie is worth to be saved and then you may use it freely as wallpaper. They're just too pretty.

Well as for the story... I won't spoil you much. There is this girl named Asuna and one day she decides to embark upon a journey to a land called Agartha. This is a rather harsh journey, as she is constantly being chased by some sort of blood-lust creatures which resemble Mudokons from Abe's Oddysee.

There is usually a little problems with almost every Shinkai's movies. They tend to bore some viewers when the movies reached a halfway mark. Thank God it won't be a case with Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo. Though I still feel the duration of this movie is a bit too long.

The music from this movie is brilliant. Tenmon has done us a great justice with the killer soundtrack. In fact I've already listened to the OST several times even before I watch the movie and I'm still impressed everytime the music played in the movie.

Last, I want to mention the ending. And my God was it amazing, especially those last ten minutes of the movie. It's a bit sentimental but it was nonetheless a perfect way to end this movie. Not to mention the beautiful ED song that fits perfectly with the ending.

Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo maybe isn't perfect, but it's close. For me, it scores 8.5/10. Don't ask where in the hell does the score come from. Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo is definitely a must-watch if you fall into one of these categories:

1.Fans of Makoto Shinkai's filmography
2.Fans of scenery pr0n anime
3.Fans of Ghibli and Ghibli-like movies
4.Just an anime fan who seek for a pure entertaiment


  1. so that makes me number 4 then
    still it isn't close enough for the ending..:)

  2. God this movie is so great! It was really amazing.