On this week's Penguindrum...

KANBA Y U DO THIS? Dammit Penguindrum, dammit. Another cliffhanger this week, eh? Ikuhara sure loves that stuff.

Anyway, Kanba is now the main villain... that was kinda unexpected. I still remember he was once an honorable guy who will do anything to make his sibling happy but then he took an arrow to the knee.

I like it how Masako has emerged as one of the most likeable characters much like Ringo in first cour of the show. Talk about Ringo.. that reminds me what happened to the diary stuff/Penguindrum? It seems everyone forget about it. Oh yeah, and the SEIZON SENRYAKU has been missing a lot in these several episodes.

Two more episodes of Mawaru Penguindrum, let's see how everything will be tied together.
>inb4 Mawaru Penguindrum: The Movie and more penis car.

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