Impression: Rose Guns Days -Trailer ver.-

Hello guys, long time no see, etc etc. These several weeks had been some sort of hell for me, I didn't have any passion to write anything nor did I find something interesting to blog. However those days are finally over and I've sorted some things and I hope I can start writing again.

Yesterday I heard Witch-Hunt released the English patch for the trial version of Ryukishi07's new work Rose Guns Days. You can't really call me a die-hard fan of R07 but I do enjoy all of the stuffs he wrote. I also a bit curious with Rose Guns Days so I decided to give it a try.

The story is pretty straightforward: set in 1947, after Japan losing WWII because of natural disaster. American and Chinese are everywhere, since they are "helping" the Japones. The main character Leo are searching for job when he stumbles upon a young lady in trouble. He helps her and she offers him a job to become her bodyguard. (Well, it's not exactly like that but you get the point)

To sum up my impression after reading the trial: it was definitely interesting. The main character Leo is quite likeable. He's like a bastard child of Spike Siegel and Dante. The rest of the casts are so far so good too. I still cannot predict where the story is going but I can see its potential. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that this visual novel has some sort of mini game where you "attack and defend" in a fight. Not very entertaining, I say. Fortunately the mini game doesn't last long (only one or two minutes).

The art is very good. The character designs are, umm attractive to say at least. And the music, my God the music. If I'm gonna choose the most awesome factor in Rose Guns Days, it's the music. Just listen to this and this. Classy as fuck. I can feel my moustache is growing just from listening to that jazzy soundtrack.

The release of full version of the game is planned sometimes in 2012, let us wish Witch-Hunt a good luck so they can work on the patch quickly. Speaking of Ryukishi07 game I haven't review Higanbana yet so I maybe I'm gonna blog that later. Oh also, summer anime suck a lot. See ya.

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