Space Bros Still Stay Strong

I don't know about you, but I am currently still enjoying the fuck out of Space Bros. One of the main reason is Mutta. As a main character, he's been really entertaining from the beginning. He's funny not because of his stupidity but rather because of his quirkyness. He's smart alright but sometimes he thinks different from the others. This alone made him one of the most interesting character I've seen recently. The show itself still being awesome as usual. I'm sure Space Brothers will become one of the best anime of the year.


  1. Since I've read your manga review, I've been following Space Bro every week. Good Heaven it's really refreshing.

    But in the middle of episode 14/15, some bastard decided to screw my brain by giving major spoiler..

  2. Heh, good thing I've never heard any spoiler about this show.