Yui Makino - Tanpopo Suisha PV (+Some EOY09 News)

My bad. I haven't been in YouTube for a while and geez, I missed the most important thing, Yui Makino's new PV Tanpopo Suisha. Now, for Yuuchi's sake I will post the PV. Just for her sake you know.

She's cute in the PV! (well, she's cute EVERYTIME I see her)

Now move up to the topic End of Year 2009 which is the event Yuuchi will be attending this 26th December. Now, fans of her in Singapore, she will be in EOY 2009, performing in Drama Centre Lv3 @ National Library. Her concert will begin in 7pm till 8.30pm. Too bad I can't go there.

Again, too cute to resist :3

Last but not least, I have a message from Yuuchi for you (and me of course).

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