Nichijou 25

An amusing episode with every single of my favorite characters appear with their own jokes. Also, Sasahara is a quite fabulous guy with Gundere-chan and Mio compete to win his heart. Which one of them will Sasahara choose? The suspense is killing me!

No, this isn't a romance anime. This is a comedy show and it should stay that way. The amount of jokes in this episode is almost making me die from laughter. But there is also a rather heartwarming scene in the end of episode with that "Voucher for a Life-long Friendship" ;_; Ahh it's nice to be young...

Whoaa wait the fuck up, next week is the last episode? There's better be a goddamn funny anime in Fall or I don't know how I will relieve my stress every week.


  1. Mio-Chan! Mio-Chan! Mio-Chan!... Chan-Mio!

    Lol... can't stop laugh when that scene!