The Red Biblioprincess

In the latest episode of Dantalian no Shoka, we are introduced to two new characters, The Red Biblioprincess (Aka Yomihime) named Raziel and her keykeeper who is called Professor. So now we've known three Biblioprincesses: Dalian, Flamberge and Raziel. I believe Raziel (fyi: she has boobs, unlike the other two) and Professor are meant to be the antagonist of this anime but what's the point of introducing antagonist at the second-to-last episode? I mean, this isn't Angel Beats, is it?

The answer is probably we're gonna get a second season. Come on, this is Gainax we're talking about. They like to tease the viewer like they did in P&SG. Let's just hope there isn't anything crazy happening in the last episode such as Dalian getting sliced in 666 pieces or Huey become a batshit insane and killed everyone in the world using Phantom Books. That actually would be awesome though. 

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