Usagi Drop 11 (End)

I found it really hard to bring myself to watch the last episode of Usagi Drop because I know I'm gonna miss this show. But after gave it some times I finally watched it. I'm surprised to see it stays true to the manga till the end (before time skip arc, of course). I can say that the studio is doing a great job in adaptating this anime. There's no single episode that is not enjoyable. I know I'm gonna miss Usagi Drop so much. But for the love of humanity, no season two please! You know why.


  1. Nice ending, I heard from my friends don't read the manga or you will disappointed. Fortunately until now I don't read it :D

    Season 2? Hmm... heck no!

  2. The ending is rather nice and warm. The manga ending made me disappointed to the point that I wonder what's going on with the mangaka's head, so I suggest anyone that liked the anime NOT to read the manga past volume four or you will be disappointed. Damn Japanese.