Cast in the name of God

I've seen many negotiators in the past, they usually use all kind of dirty tricks up their sleeves to seal the deal. Enter Roger Smith, a negotiator AND a giant robot pilot. When his negotiation has gone awry, he calls a giant robot out of nowhere and punches things until everything goes the way he wants.

The Big O is what I called the bastard child of japanese anime and western cartoon tropes. It sets in fictional city which is pretty much a Film Noir New York City. Roger Smith is pretty much Bruce Wayne with giant robot. He pilots a Megadeus (name of the robot) and defeats monster of the week. When he's not busy destroying the city, he is a gentleman who works as a negotiator. There's also a deadpan android, Charlie's Angel and a guy who loves tomato. But let's just leave at that.

We have come to terms
Despite the unexplainable ending, I like this show. See, I've never once find people talking about The Big O and I generally have no idea about this show except from what I read in the first volume of the manga (I have it in my collection). All I know about it were the neo-noir tone and Dorothy, the android girl. So I was really surprised when I found it pretty enjoyable. The plot at the end escaped me but the episodic content was the cream of the crop. Oh and one more thing, the soundtrack is lovely and so is the ending song. Overall I give this anime a solid 9/10.

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