The Walking Dead

I want to write about The Walking Dead which is recently become one of my favorite series and because it's fun to talk about. My first encounter with the franchise was when I stumbled upon the game titled "The Walking Dead Episode 1" around five months ago. The title made me interested but I still wasn't sure what to expect. I found out it was developed by Telltale, which is one of the few developers that still actively developing games with adventure genre.

"So what?" I thought, "Probably it's just a boring point 'n click adventure just like those thousand adventure games created using AGS but with prettier graphics and maybe a bit zombies to spice it up". Little did I know that 'boring' was the most wrong word to describe The Walking Dead.

I tried the game. My first impression was it kinda feels like those RPG that featured choices in the conversation, except without the RPG elements. But then it turns out to be more like an interactive movie. Interactive movie with a good story. Once I got to the story without wasting time I got absorbed to its world and I unconciously put myself into the main character's shoes. Every choices you make will determine the course of the story. Sometimes it made me feel like a shit when I had to choose to save only one person and the other died horribly.

Oh yeah the story. So the story is like any other game with zombies, there's suddenly a zombie outbreak in the city and you as the main character has to make your way to the safety zone. The difference is you are not a government agent with powerful arsenal shoved in your ass. You are not a guy who is trained to fight zombies. You don't have any clue how to stop the infection. You're just a run-of-the-mile guy who has to fight in order to avoid zombies eating your brain.

Basically in this the-end-of-the-world scenario, your objective is to survive for another day. You must find a place to sleep, scavenge for food, and defend yourself against zombies or maybe other human. Also, you have a little girl to take care of. Some people in a certain image board jokingly called this game A Dad Simulator. That's not pretty far off.

The game is divided into 5 parts each called an "episode". The choices you made during an episode will carry the effect to the next and so on. For myself, my favorite episodes are 2 and 3. The tension and emotional feeling in those episode are the best.

Just recently I finished the last episode and got to the ending. It was yesterday, I found myself watching the credit roll with nearly watery eyes. Yes, it is one of those tearjerker ending. It also ended with a possibly sequel hook.

I recommend this game to those who want a game with good 10-hour storyline. Do not expect complex gameplay because you won't get it from this game. The graphics style is nice and works with the game overall, since it was based on comic books. It's probably one of my favorite game in this year.

(Oh yeah, I also follow the TV series. I already watched season 1 and 2, and still waiting for S3 to finish before starting it. I don't like cliffhanger)

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