Obscure Doujin Game: The Witch's House

art by ターヤ
The Witch's House (Majo no Ie) is a horror adventure game made with RPG Maker. It's pretty much similar to another horror adventure game Ib, might as well call it Ib's spiritual successor. Play it in the night with lights off.

The story follows Viola, a 13 year old girl who got lost in a forest on her way to her friend's house. She found a house which is belong to a witch, hence the game's title. I won't spoil the plot but one thing:  there is a twist at the true ending (there are two endings).

The game involves much more jump scare than Ib. I admit I was terrified several times, not only because the jump scare but also because of the atmosphere. The atmosphere in The Witch's House is nicely done with the music and sound effects. Also, there's much much more deaths in this game than Ib, which some of them are pretty gruesome.

art by sorako
Anyone who likes Ib must try The Witch's House. I'm not saying the latter is better than the former, they're just similarly good and has similar experience too. I hope there will be many more games like this in the future. I can use a good scare once in a while.

The game is a freeware, made by Fummy in RPG Maker XV. The english translation was done by vgperson (she is also the one who translated Ib) and can be downloaded here. She also has a very cool tumblr.


  1. This game is so awesome and the true end left me crying ;____;

  2. Yeah me too. I was pretty depressed for a while after finishing this game.