Third Time's the Charm

3rd anniversary yay
Well that was unexpected. This blog hits three-year mark which means I already write bullshit in MINORU'S BLOG for three years. Three years! What a waste of ti- I mean, yeah great!! Hurrah!! I'm happy to be able to write things I want to write even though nobody really cares about it. And I'm absolutely blissful knowing that there's somebody out there in this vast world who's willing to take their time to read my posts.

I like writing. I like to convey whatever I have in my thought into a bunch of letters. That is why hopefully I'll  keep writing in this blog for many many years later, even though maybe one day I'll stop watching anime altogether. Who knows. There's always something to write.

This blog also achieved 150k views earlier this month. This is a pretty nice improvement. This year has been great so far. Thanks to you, all of you readers and the bots. Without you this blog won't get as far as this. Here's to another year full of madness ramblings and shitty review of animu/manga/vidya~~!


  1. Hey, you should have a facebook fanpage.

  2. Nah, the heck I do with the fanpage? Posting pr0n?

  3. Instead of looking at ways to optimize rankings, just build a community that provides value to a group.
    Posting pr0n? I'll be a great idea :v

  4. FB fanpage might be a good idea, considering the way it could promote posts better—and there's also this community factor that Batercus mentioned.

    Well, anyway... Congratulations for the third anniversary! Hope you'll keep running the blog :D

  5. congrats for the third anniversary.