Evangelion 3.0 TL;DR Overview
-SEELE throws Eva 01 into space, with a tang'd Shinji and Rei still inside
-They stay up there for 14 years
-Misato goes rogue, found her own organization to fix the world and recruits Asuka, Mari, and Touji's younger sister, Asuka and Mari not aging because LCL exposure halts the aging process
-They save Unit 01 from space, but Shinji and Rei decide to go back to NERV where Gendou is still in charge, also he has Kaworu.
-Kaworu hits on Shinji while Rei disappears
-Kaworu thinks he found out a way to fix the world with magic spears and Lillith, he and Shinji team up and even combine their Evas
-Misato's organization knows better and sends forth Asuka to stop them
-Kaworu and Shinji almost kill Asuka only to discover that SEELE tricked Kaworu and they really just started Instrumentality
-Kaworu explodes himself to stop it, making Shinji all sad and reducing everything to a red wasteland
-Asuka yanks Shinji out of his entry plug and holds his hand as they walk through the desert.
-Also Rei is also in the desert with them somehow.
Can't wait for BDrip, or at least a camrip. It will be oh so glorious.

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