Chuunikoi 04

Who in their right mind thinks it's a good idea to start blogging an anime series starting from episode 4? I do. I am a faithful follower of 'three episode rule', so everytime I want to judge whether any show is worth watching I watch three episodes of it first.

So yeah Chuunikoi. I've heard a lot of people talk about how bitch Nibutani in episode 4. Of course by 'a lot of people' I mean a certain anime board from a certain imageboard. They described her like she just  commited unpunished crime. They went rage or whatsoever over her behaviour. I was preparing to hate her when I started watching the episode. However things were different.

I don't find her act towards the chuunis akin to bitchness. I mean, she was a chuuni too several months ago. But now she grows up. A certain feeling of remorse and embarassment were left in its place. So it's okay if  she tries to hide her embarassing past to moves on with the flow of life. I rather find her to be more interesting in term of character when her past self as 'Mori Summer' was revealed.

Now with the cast of Chuuni characters completed, can we expect more hilarity and cuteness overload from Chuunikoi?

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