Tokyo Encounter

What happens when two male seiyuu play vidya together? A lot of laughter and dirty jokes. Especially if one of them is Tomokazu Sugita.

Tokyo Encounter is a show where two of my favorite seiyuu, Sugita and Yuuichi Nakamura, play video games together and eat snacks. They also do all kind of nonsense talk and there's a segment in between transtition of one game to another in which they compete with each other in a challenge (e.g Guess from what game the playing music is). Sometimes they invite other seiyuu as well (even girls!) to play with them.

They play all kind of consoles and games from the old ones like NeoGeo or Famicom to the more recent one as well. The genre of the games they played varies from RPG, beat 'em up, fightan, hell they even play Love Plus+ in that one episode. And Sugita seems pretty hardcore in Love Plus.

Seriously, if you like Nakamura and Sugita, and you love video games, you have to watch Tokyo Encounter.


  1. Hey do you know where to find episode 36 starring nobuhiko okamoto with english subs? I can't find it :(

  2. @Yameena Fatima
    Check this blog
    The subber is constantly updating it