[Vocaloid Producer Spotlight] Livetune

Art by saiki. Yep, I also mistaken his art with redjuice's.
I saw a certain post on kz Livetune fanpage about writing a blog post with the theme 'Tell the world about Livetune' so I guess I'll try my luck. Not really up for contest or anything though, just want to share my love for Livetune.

As far as my experience with Vocaloid music goes, I've heard many great songs produced by various Vocaloid producers in many genres. All of these producers are talented men and women who pour all their hearts' content into the songs they are making. Some of them managed to grab my attention from the very first time I heard those songs sung by the virtual diva Hatsune Miku. They are ryo (supercell), minato, and of course kz (Livetune). I'll talk about the former two in other time, for now I wish to tell you, the world, about Livetune.

That was in the mid year of 2009 when I sat in front of my computer, clicked some links I found on net. One of those links happened to be a download link to Vocaloid song compilations. I've already heard about this Vocaloid thing but all I knew was it just a program to make songs and I have never listened to one before.

So I proceed to download the file and unzipped it. Then I played all the songs available from the compilations. Those songs were all pretty awesome, some songs caught me in awe, such as Melt and Packaged. These songs just couldn't get out of my head for a few days. So I ventured to find more of songs like those which I just listened to. Little did I know that it was the beginning of my long journey in the realm of Vocaloid.

Other than Vocaloid songs, kz is also doing some songs for human singers. Probably the most popular collaboration is ClariS. Actually, kz was already made songs for them since they were still went by the name Alice & Clara. One song that I still remember dearly till this day is Kimi ni Yume wo Miyou. Other songs included Drop, irony and nexus.

He also contributed in a doujin album TamStar Records Collection Vol.0 which he composed two songs each sung by Yun*chi and Yanagi Nagi (God bless her). The song empty which sung by Nagi ended up in my top ten Nagi's songs post which I made back then in 2011. Livetune's first single Kocchi muite Baby/Yellow is a split single with another one of my favorite producer, ryo. Those two songs are the theme songs of 2nd Project Diva game.

At the beginning of this year, Livetune release another hit Tell Your World which was also the theme song of Google Chrome CM. The CM was phenomenal and it also served as a way to introduce Miku to the world. The song are very catchy yet it also has a deep meaning. It is probably my favorite kz song ever now. The more recent single with Miku on vocal is Weekender Girl which also very catchy. Another recent single is Transfer but this one is with Megumi Nakajima on vocal. The PV for this single is rather unique.

The things I like about kz Livetune's songs are the upbeat tunes which usually are very catchy and easy to listen. However I also enjoy the slower one. Like I said my favorite song is Tell Your World but before it was Last Night Good Night. Whenever I listen to it, the song somehow always touches something in me especially on that high notes. Tell Your World made me feel like that too. I swear there are chills up my spine when I get to that part of the song.

Well I could really go on and on about this matter however my hands are rather grew tired to type more so I'll end this post right here. My goodness, now that I look at it this post is quite long for a mere fanboy's rambling. Oh yeah, I think I'll write about other Vocaloid producers in another time. A bit music post on this blog won't hurt. Now I shall take my leave, if you excuse me.


  1. for me it was a greeting message in a irc channel
    "Remember Yukkuri Shiteitte ne!"
    thought its a touhou meme
    i googled it and cliked on a youtube link
    and listened to a psychelic sound & vid
    that made me smile yet it spoke directly to my soul
    and after it I listened to Ritsuka Vocaloid medley
    and from that it all begin
    now I'm mostly into VocaTrance ( CleanTears, Taishi ...)
    well it wasn't vocaloid that brought me here, I swear
    tough I was browsing vocaloid just seconds before (its called synchronocity)
    thanks for recommending Kz

  2. You're very welcome, Unknown-kun. Hope you'll enjoy kz's songs as much as I do :)