Black★Rock Shooter 01

So out of curiosity I finally watched this anime without having any expectation at all. Grabbed the very first sub that out today, I proceed to enjoy the sight of this Japanese cartoon. Sure, at least it isn't disappointing by any means, but neither it is impressive too. Once again I failed to see why this anime airs in noitaminA slot.

Sure, why the hell not
Black Rock Shooter is about a girl named Mato. One day Mato got bullied by a loli out of jealousy toward her. Mato got really upset and went home without eating her curry. The scene suddely shifted to a post-apocalyptic world where a girl that looks like the one from a certain Hatsune Miku video got ran over by a bulldozer and violated by a spider robot. The scene back to Mato when she tried to befriend a bespectacled girl in art club. The said girl was too moved by the circumstance and she cried shining tears. The end.

Having watched the OVA back then in 2010, I still cannot grasped any meaning behind the 'two worlds'. Mato and Black Rock Shooter maybe the same person, maybe not. She's probably her persona or something. I won't try to find some deep connection between these two, I'll leave that task for someone else. The animation is pretty okay in my book. The fighting scenes are cool and stuff. I won't complain anything at this point.

This anime has several cool shots that worth to be set as wallpaper 
One fun fact is that the ED (probably it's the OP?) is sung by none other than our beloved virtual diva Hatsune Miku. It is the Black Rock Shooter song we knew and loved, even better because of it's getting rearranged by ryo. I remember I was complaining about the lack of this song in the 2010 OVA. As far as I know this is pretty much the first involvement of Miku in anime OP/ED. Here's hoping for more in the future.


  1. It is actually good to watch the OVA first. You won't be spoil or anything. This TV series looks like it's something extra from the OVA. It is really not i'm expecting. I was expecting a continuation of the OVA, but this is also fine by me. The real world animation is lacking a bit but the animation in the other world is just epic.

    I so want Mato Kuroi as my waifu! Love her voice!

  2. Indeed, the animation in the 'BRS world' (let's just call it that) is quite good, I give you that.

  3. I used my yuri google, so I was drolling all over the eps.

    As the BRS world maybe the current state of Kuroi's heart.

    This show is awesome. It's about twisted friendship!

  4. ...

    I guess I'll check it out just to see what's all the fuss it's about.