Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko 13


Oh boy do I miss this show and those 'unique' characters in it. Denpa Onna was the sleeper hit (or at least it was mine) from the Spring season last year. It didn't have any particular good plot or whatsoever, but I did enjoy my time with Erio, Ryuushi, Maekawa and others. It is that type of anime that brings warm and fuzzy feeling inside whenever I watch it. You know that feel.

This last episode was cut during the air time due to earthquake. It is put in the BD instead so this is more like an extra or special episode. There's nothing much on this episode, just some usual stuff. Itoko went to summer festival with Ryuushi which almost made me believe this anime would choose Ryuushi's end. Too bad Itoko must met with Erio to see meteor rain so he ditched Ryuushi. Poor girl. Yashiro made a rather  shiny appereance too, confirmed the fact that she ain't a normal person. My disappointment came from the minimal screen time for Maekawa-san which is one of my favorite character from the show.

Anyway, it's been a good show filled with excellent (well, not really) eccentric characters. More importantly it has Erio, who tastes like diabetes. Deep inside of my heart I wish for Denpa Onna season 2. I know the probability is low but it isn't entirely impossible so yeah, let's keep our finger crossed.

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