Review: Saya no Uta

I've been putting up this visual novel on hold for too long. I remember I've never passed that gruesome scene during the first minute. However several days ago, somehow I did manage to read it till finished.

Depressing. That's probably the closest word to describe my opinion about Saya no Uta. Word after word, scene by scene passed, I felt like a sword had been plunged into my heart, leaving a large hole in my chest. The tragedy that appeared only got worse and worse as the game goes on. When you got the gist about what happened behind all the tragedies, it was at that time Saya no Uta began to strike hard. Really hard.

The story is about a guy who, because of an accident, had to undergo a brain surgery to save his life. However his perception of the world began to change after the surgery. The world he saw was a bloody world (literally) and the people looked and talked like a monster to him. He almost driven to suicide but one day he met a beautiful girl named Saya, among the flesh-covered walls.

As you may see, this is not a nice and fluffy fairy tale. This is a tragic story, filled with blood and tears. I'm sure the content is able to make a normal person shivers. Yes, there are gore, rape, murder and among others, cannibalism. If one of those words makes you cringe then probably you should stay away from this VN.

As a visual novel, Saya no Uta is a rather brief one. It only took me about a day to finish it. During the story I counted a grand total 4 choices available which means you only meet two branching plots. For the ending, well, none of them can be called 'happy'. There are 3 endings and every one of them is quite memorable for me. They were those type of ending that made my mind went blank, and I felt an emptyness in my heart.

Overall, Saya no Uta is an excellent visual novel. It was able to stir my mood up and down (mostly down). It, however, hadn't able to top Kara no Shoujo which left me a very bad aftertaste and made me feel down for the rest of week. And don't even get me started on Yume Miru Kusuri. But still, Saya no Uta is one little gem that you shouldn't miss. I heard its fan-translated patch is getting licensed by JAST, but I'm sure you still can find it somewhere on the interwebz. Not that I support piracy though.


  1. The story seems interesting but there is one thing I don't understand. After he had the brain surgery was he the only one that could see the world like that? Also what do you think about the romance in it?

  2. Yes, he is the only person who see the world like that. The romance is sorta okay. It's not the type of RABURABU that you find in usual romance vn thought but it's still pretty cute (but tragic).

  3. Just the pictures make me eraeufasd;fkdfakhgkjhajds

    I can't even stomach a bloodless horror flick. I doubt I'll be able to go through Saya no Uta without puking one or ten times.

  4. Weak stomach, aren't we? Well, I guess this VN is not for everyone.

    I admit my stomach felt funny in one scene.

  5. "Love is Blind" is all I can say after I finished Saya no Uta OTL;