Guilty Crown 16

...And now I feel like cheering for Shu. How dare that bastard Argo lays his hand on Prince Void! Blasphemy! Go Shoe! Kill every single of annoying characters in the show! If you do that then probably Guilty Crown will become the greatest anime of all time. Or not. Because reviving a dead character is pretty dumb even by Guilty Crown standard. And by standard I mean everything in this show is dumb. Hueheheheheeeheeeheeasdad


  1. As a big fan for anti-heroes I began to like Guilty Crown more, but as much as I'd love to see Shoe stay like this for the rest of the show he will prob ably realize that what he is doing is "wrong".

    Also, naturally because Inori is Mana reborned (atleast that's what I think) she will follow Shoe no matter what path he takes. Its onee-chan's duty isn't it?

  2. Anti-hero huh? Yeah I guess Shu's trying too hard to be one. However, the anti-hero stereotypes in anime usually never regret what they did. Like you say, someday Shu will probably realize that he is doing something wrong so I can't really call him an example of anti-hero.

    As for Inori, I don't really like her. She's a hollow character. No personality. Nein, No, Nada. At least Mana had one.

  3. The problem was that Mana's personality that we've seen so far was actually not her own, but something random that the Apocalypse Virus kinda made for her. So, err, no.