Steins;Gate 25

Hey, guess what? A Steins;Gate special fanservice episode!

When I say "fanservice", I don't mean jiggling boobs and asses but more like a treat for the fans of the series. Steins;Gate is in my top ten anime of 2011, so I'm kinda glad to see all the characters once again. Everything I like from the series, except the sci-fi thingy, are in this OVA. They even include a bonus character, who is Daru's future waifu:
Too bad we don't get to see how exactly she ended up with that Daru.

My favorite part of the episode is the lovey dovey part when Okarin talked to Kurisu near the end. I got this fluffy feeling when watched the scene. I also like how the episode ended abruptly just as the sexual tension between those two were reaching a critical status.

I don't know how that teathrical release of Steins;Gate will turned out but I sure as hell don't mind with more Mad Scientist goodness. Looks like I really need to continue reading the VN.

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