This is a Mirai Nikki Post

So because I got all day free today, I planned to catch up with my backlogged show. And guess what, I decided  to watch Mirai Nikki, of all things.

I remember I was blogging about it back then. My last Mirai Nikki blog post was episode 8. I watched several episode after that, but none of them was interesting enough to blogged. I was kinda dropped it at episode 13.

However today, I was able to catch up with the latest episode. And I must say, Mirai Nikki is almost gotten better after episode 15. Almost.

The adaptation so far is pretty close to the manga. Kudos to the animation studio. However that can lead a certain problem to the viewer who already finished the manga. For an anime that throws plot twists everywhere, those kind of surprise is important. Unfortunately, for me the shock value is lost because I kow exactly what's going to happen next.

But don't let that bother you. Mirai Nikki is a rather nice anime that continues to surprises you, both in a good and bad way. I think I'm gonna blogging this series again for next episodes.


  1. So far I am dissapointed in how the anime adaptation turned out. The manga is far better than the anime.

    The anime has countless mistakes and plotholes. If you ask me, its not worth it as much as the manga is.

  2. Hm you think so? Of course I understand the manga is better than the anime in explaining things. But I don't think the anime is that bad. At least it made me want to re-read the manga once again.