Guilty Crown 15

'sup Hitler? How's the Shoelocaust going?

Man, I thought this episode was pretty boring, until shit happened. No, not the shit with Hare. I saw that coming miles away. I was more surprised when Shu suddenly punched that annoying guy. I screamed in happiness when that happened. About fucking time someone bring pain to that dipshit. Good decision, Shu. Heil, Mein Shuhrer!

P.S. The show is still dumb as usual.
P.S.S. We need more trainwreck. Preferably worse than the one in CG.


  1. I noticed it in the OP, Sho had an serious look on his face and he didn't look like he used to. That made me suspect something like this was going to heappen. To be honest I think this Sho is alot more better than the other ones. But then again that is just me. I love villain protagonists afterall :P

  2. oh dude. This show pretty much use Idiot Ball, Deus Ex Machina, Deus Angst Machina and other shit.

    Tl;dr interesting shit