Guilty Crown 01

Oh hey, guess what? It's Guilty Crown time! So let's find out what's with the hype surrounding this anime. To tell you the truth, the first episode isn't exactly exceeding my high expectation. It was not a bad episode mind you, it's just that I expected better from it. But enough talk! Have at you! Let's find out the positive side of this anime, shall we?

The animation is gorgeous. And that's saying a lot. The plot, well, might strike some similarities with Code Geass. Dude met a hawt chick with fabulous outfit and suddenly got a mysterious power. The rollerblade mecha is there too. Oh and did I ever mention that they referred a certain Japanese district as number?

That's being said, too bad the main character of this show is no Lelouch. Instead we got a generic male lead who are afraid to do anything. BUT because he saw a beautiful girl whom he just met in a few minutes ago got bullied by Brittania military suddenly he became brave and saved the day. I hate this kind of main character, I repeat, I hate bland main character without ANY personality.

Oh well, it's just the first out of twenty-two episodes that this show has to offer so I definitely looking forward to some improvements in next several episodes. If I see no change then I won't think twice to drop this show.


  1. The main character just plain annoying. I don't even get the hype over the animu. The character design was the sole reason i watch this.

    Yeah, supercell isn't mah stayle

  2. I hope he'll get some serious character developments in the later episodes. And yes, redjuice's artwork is amazing.