Trapeze is friggin' awesome

No seriously, go watch Trapeze (or Kuchuu Buranko for you weeabros) if you haven't. It might be a bit weird at first. But don't worry, it'll only get weirder later. Also, it has a hawt 3D nurse. Who said 3D women are disgusting? Well, it's not me!
inb4 3DPD
Watching Trapeze is like that feel when you're eating ice cream too fast. Have you ever feel like that? Yeah, me neither. Anyway, Trapeze is about a psychiatrist who cures his patients who have different strange symptoms. Actually words alone aren't enough to describe this anime, so you better watch it yourself.

Here, have some screenshots to make you more convinced:


  1. WTH is this? =.=
    Is this something new?
    Err... the nurse kinda caught my attention.

  2. It was aired back then in 2009 so it's not that old. Go watch it bro, this damned thing is fun.

  3. I like how all the patient have connection with each other. And the style is not that bad,