Persona 4 The Animation 01

Persona 4 is one of a few 'good' JRPG in my recent memory that I could finished playing it. So I'm kinda looking forward to this anime adaptation. Not to mention the dialogue was spoken in Japanese instead of that horrible dubs in the game version that made me want to stab my eardrum and pull my hair out.

So the question is: Is this anime a good adaptation of the video game? It's too early to answer that but one thing for sure is that it's pretty close to the game. The opening song is ripped straight out from the game and it even used the same battle theme (which is one of my favorite song from the game, I never got bored with it). They used some elements from the game such as the calender thingy, the status screen and the close-up face when using Persona skill.

I'm a bit curious how the brotag, uhh, Narukami will manage his Persona other than Izanagi. I also can't wait to see how it will keep up with the pace because there're many dungeons in the game and don't forget social link events which is one of the important aspect in the game. And last, very fans of the game must be looking forward to Kaiji dungeon now.

The anime started with Velvet Room theme right away. What could go wrong?
I finally realized that Chie is pretty moe. Can't helped that she's voiced by Hocchan.

Brotag here is a man of a few words. But when he's get serious he can kick some Shadows' asses.


  1. "I finally realized that Chie is pretty moe"

    ^ Agreed with this fully O_O and I thought Yukiko would be the one I fall for.

    Anyway, I throughly enjoyed how much was packed into the first episode and how they included the game elements. It is still a worry of how they will adapt this (since the game is like 50+ hrs long or so), but I believe it will be alright. Hopefully. At least it is starting better than Trinity Soul.