Chuunikoi 12 (End)

Oh boy, here comes the last episode of Chuu2koi. I hope you get those heart attack pills ready, because we will be in for an heart attack inducing journey.

A KyoAni anime's last episode with proper OP (and ED)? What's this nonsense? You're not supposed to put OP and ED in the last episode dammit!

what the fuck am I seeing.jpg


Wait, who's this chick and why is she in the club room?

Hhnnnnggggg she's a cutie...
...Huh, where did I see that hair color and face again?

I almost spat my drink at this scene, especially after that 'Senpai' part. Take a note that this is the first in this episode, there'll be more.

Oh come on Yuuta, you're not fooling anyone. I knew you're hiding your biggest boner down there. Although that is perfectly acceptable.

Damn, my heart... Hnnngggggggggg~!

You're an ass, Utah. Do you know that? Bullying cute girls is considered illegal where I live!

There. I spat my drink right at this scene. If only not for my hand covering my mouth my laptop would be in a mess.
(Note to self: pause any anime you're watching before taking a sip.)

(also, look at that smug face)

Oh Dekochan you.

Ahaha, it caught me off guard. I didn't expect Kumin to get this role in the last episode. It doesn't suit her character at all, but this is really amusing so who am I to complain?

Shinka, on the other hand, didn't get much role in this episode. That's too bad considering what she has contributed in the last few episodes. Still, I did enjoy her conversation with Yuuta.



A letter from the past. This concept always intrigues me. I wonder what it's like to have one. Somehow thinking about how different you are from your past self brings me to melancholic mood. I'm definitely not the same person as myself in the past. And I probably will not be the same person as my future self. Having a dialogue with them will be an interesting thing to see, if not awkward. Reminiscing about yourself like Yuuta did can lead you to mixed feelings.

(Actually I'm interested in doing something like that one guy who had a conversation with his 12-yo self.)

(also the right song for this mood is 'letter song' by doriko)

So the cause of Rikka's syndrome is Yuuta? That's quite a twist right there, didn't make me flinch a bit though.

The whole scene was so damn cheesy, still, it didn't make it less charming though.

Where is the kissu scene may I ask?

His face screams "Molester" more than Molester Man himself (I should write a post about that manga soon).

The rest of gank came to the rescue! This was a nice touch. I was smiling all the time.
Also, Dekomori is an ojou-sama? Holyshit girl.

The drama part in Chuunikoi is a bit weak, I give you that. At least the visual and audio accompanied it were great,  I can feel the emotion even for a little...

...and the last narration was pretty deep.

That's it. See you later, Chuunikoi!
(That's a pretty long-ass post, and bunch of pictures too.)

Last tidbits
Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! is an enjoyable show with nice visual. It has adorable character design that brought my heart to danger since ep1. The plot revolves in drama since ep7 but the first 6 were really funny and entertaining, mainly because the cast. The ending was a bit cheesy but it had its charm. And now that I think about it, the title of this show tied perfectly with the story.
Final score: 8/10

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