Tokyo Encounter 18

Tokyo Encounter episode 18: Sugita and Nakamura talking about balls and playing Amagami.

Man, I wish Over-Time would release Tokyo Encounter sub faster. Watching those two playing obscure old game and spewing dirty jokes is really enjoyable.

In episode 18 opening segment they played game called Ninja Commando or something. They only played it for a while and after the title call they changed it to some random board game with baseball theme. I laughed way too hard even though I had no idea what's going on in this game.

In this game you first must create your own character (whose face is randomized!) and compete with other player, from grade school until you become top professional baseball player. It's played as a board game, it has random events to increase your stats. It also has two hard as hell mini games which one is to determine your contract offer by playing catch. Yep, basically a type of game you'd play with your friends when you're high as fuck.

Next they're playing Amagami. Sugita confirmed for Kaoru-fag.

Apparently Nakamura was having a hard time choosing the girl, so Sugita recommended him Sae.

But he chose Senpai instead. He got offed by her because he talked about  the health benefits of nopan with a cute girl.

In the end Sugita proudly showed Nakamura his savegame. He dedicated his game only to Kaoru. What a guy.


  1. I respect your taste but Morishima-senpai is the best gurl.

  2. Where did you find the eng subbed version?

  3. Google is your friend, friend.

  4. Gamecenter CX is your friend. There's over 100 episodes of a man playing obscure (and not so obscure) retro games already subbed, go watch that

  5. Yes, I already heard about it. Will watch it if I find the time.

  6. but bakuhatsubutsu only has 16 episodes subbed.Where did u see this one.Please tell.I really want to see it

  7. Over-Time subbed the rest of episode