One Post Before The End of the Year

Oh please don't mind me or this post. Just want to write down a few things that has been happening in this past few days.

(Okay, okay, I admit it. The post title is not very original indeed)

Bought a new external HDD
Finally! After few years of suffering and suffocating, I finally got myself a new space for all these pr0nz. It's a 2 TB WD that I bought, certainly not long until it'll be stuffed enough bytes to fill it. Nevertheless, at least my PC and laptop can breathe now thanks to it. No more deleting all those precious files!

Hotline Miami
This game is cool, yo. Go play it if you haven't. Beware of the dogs though.

Molester Man
Another 2ch tale turned into a manga. This time involves a guy who's mistaken as a molester. That's the start of the unexpected turn of events of his life.

It's pretty awesome if you ask me.

The world hasn't ending (yet)
Those fucking Mayans and their stupid pranks prophecy. Here I was ready to get turned into tang while Komm Susser Todd playing with max volume. Such a let down.

The Mirror Lied and Clock of Atonement
Two short games made with RPG Maker. Man, I'm such a sucker for good RPG Maker games.

The Mirror Lied is about... hell if I know what's the story is supposed to mean. It has pretty good music though. It was made by those same guy who did To The Moon.

And Clock of Atonement has a more accessible story. It was about a stalker guy who killed the girl he stalked and found a watch that can turn back time so he turned back the time so he can prevent the murder in a Ghost Trick way.

Beneath a Steel Sky
A rather old (1994) point n click adventure game with cyberpunk and sci-fi theme. It's free on GOG so I figured why the hell not try it. The graphics is well, old, but for 1994 I'd say it's pretty. The dialogues are funny and charming with all the british accent. The puzzle is well-done, too. It's recommended if you're into the genre.

Punpun new volume, SOON
According to Hox, he'll start translating the new volume on Christmas Eve. Way to go to ruin everyone Christmas, Hox!

Aku no Hana
Boy this manga sure is fucked up. I finally catch up with it and I can say it's one of top ten most crazy manga in my list. I can only imagine what sort of reaction we get when the anime airs next year.

Finished Kaiji S2
Never too late for zawa zawa. That damn pachinko machine, man. (Also, Mikako doujin where?)

Gonna do those end of the year posts (again)
Yeah, just like past years. Or did I really do it? wakarimasenlol.
I'll start tomorrow if I don't lazy.

Goodbye cruel world.
xoxo  minoru


  1. I second "Beneath a Steel Sky"
    its a short yet entertaining game
    "Aku no Hana" I have a weakness for Evolz-girls
    on another subject you seems knowledgeable about Vocaloid
    and OreImo
    is Kanzaki Hiro (the artist of OreImo) the vocaloid producer Hanasoumen the same guy? or is he in same circle?

  2. if indeed Knazaki Hiro is Hanasoumen then
    this guy is fuckin amazing
    he is a pro illustrator and tallented vocaloid producer!!
    I really liked his two albums!!

  3. well the maya didn't say its "end of the world as we don't know it"
    they believed in cycles and not end

    fuckin synchronicity day first Hiroyuki Oda (HSP) and now
    Onani author?
    thanks for this I could have missed this and lived a miserable life.... ^^

  4. It's a very charming game. I've yet to finish it though, better savor it slowly.

    Yes, Hiro Kanzaki, Hiroyuki Oda and Hanasoumen-P IS the same person, he's a jack-of-all-trades guy.