Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse 24 (End)


So yeah. That ending was totally disappointing.What a piece of joke this show was. Here's the recap of good and bad points of this anime. There are good points!

The girls
The first two episode
The rest of 22 episodes
When I heard Satelight is animating this I was like, whoa eyegasm mecha action incoming. I mean, they did Macross Frontier, EVOL and AKB0048 which are really great animation wise. But then I found out about the low budget thing and the horrendous animation.  It makes Mirai Nikki looks like sakuga. I know it's all basically just the publisher screaming "buy the bd so you can get your muvluv trilogy anime you're waiting for!" Yeah nah, you're a cunt.

Unnecessary fanservice episodes
The guys
Not enough Laser
Not enough PTSD
Not enoough gore
Well that's it. So long Total Eclipse. May there never be another catastrophe adaptation again for Muv-Luv franchise. I kinda looking forward to the visual novel for the real conclusion though.

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