Too little too late?

The big three top-tier TSF (Type-00, F-22, Su-47) all  in the same episode. I came.

I've to say that was one of the most exciting Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse episode so far. Dat Shiranui against Berkut battle, Terminator kicking ass, dat Take. I can go on and on fanboying about the TSFs.

The plot also getting more chaotic now with the BETA on the loose, Red Shift stuff, the terrorist scum killed themselves out of pride, and the Scarlet Twins releasing their psychic power limiter. This is definitely getting Muv-Luv vibe there. My only complain is that it's a little too late at this point, as this is the penultimate episode of this anime.

The anime did a terrible job with the pacing. There's a few episodes that doesn't hold any importance for the plot. Hell, there are even TWO beach episodes and one onsen episode. Fuck those shit. Also, the anime seems to do an original story that deviates from the original source (yeah I know the VN isn't released yet, but there's TSFIA). Or so I heard.

To be honest the story in Total Eclipse is so simple that you can finish it just in a few episodes. I understand that the anime is more like a fanservice to Muv-Luv fans but come on, I know you can do a better job than this.

Oh well. That's that, I guess. Enjoy it while it lasts. It's not like I don't have tons of fun watching Yuuya international harem hijinx.

(Now I wish there will never be an anime adaptation to the original trilogy. The side stories are okay though. Maybe Schwarzesmarken or The Euro Front OVA?)

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