Impression: Oyasumi Punpun Volume 11

On the first day of Christmas, Asano sent to me a new Punpun volume.
(Beware of spoilers, chap!)

Sweet holy mother of god. I don't even know where to begins with this bloody volume. Let me get with the big spoiler first: Punpun killed Aiko's mom. Yep, that's right. There's no way back from his already downer life. There's only going down from now.

This volume is one hell of a ride. Even more so than the last one. I actually had to take a breather and went out of my room every once in a while because of the tension. Basically Punpun has lost it in this volume, his head changed to devilish horn. Aiko isn't better, even more broken than before since she suffered some kind of mental shock (PTSD) after seeing all that happened.

This volume also brought some development to the occult thingy and some previous characters like the gay duo (Seki & Shimizu) and Sachi also briefly appeared. What happened at the end of volume left a big question mark in my head, not in cliffhanger way but more like in "what the fuck is even going on" way. I hate the fact that I must wait for unknown months before getting the next volume.

Now speculah time. I read somewhere that Oyasumi Punpun manga is going to end in volume 14, so that's three whole volumes more. I think Inio is going to explain more of this cult stuff in the next volume. Also, I don't think Aiko can hold on any longer because of what Punpun did in this volume. There's also this problem with Sachi and her baby. The suffering never ends.

Anyway, that was a really superb volume. It started wild and chaotic, a bit calmed in the middle of volume, and went wild again. It's pretty depressing if you ask me but we're the reader of Punpun from volume 1 know all too well about depression, aren't we? Also it's really saddening to see what Punpun has become after all these tragic things. He started as an innocent boy who had interest in space and ended up being insane like this. Here's a quote from an anon which described my feeling accurately:
I feel like a father watching his only son fuck up his life with stupid decissions little by little, and there is nothing I can do to help him. Just watch behind a sound-proof glass, drinking my alcohol, on my 6th cigar this hour and just praying to whatever deity there is that it won't get worse for him.
Ho ho motherfucking ho, Merry Ruined Christmas, Punpun!
PS. Meanwhile in Akame ga Kill, some cute girl just died. What a great day, isn't it? (laughs)


  1. AAAAAAApaaa ini sudah tiga bulan dan ternyata aku masih ada di volume 10 *pulang pulang pulang*

  2. Buruan baca vol 11~ (dan siap2 galau)