Guilty Crown 12

Finally I, after stopped thinking too much about the plot holes;about how the characters suck and other dumb matters related to it, can watch Guilty Crown with one and only intention in my mind: to have a pure entertaiment. It worked. This episode is more entertaining when enjoyed that way.

So Gai died and Shoe is still alive. Those two were actually childhood friends along with Shoe's sister Mana. Shoe used to have more balls when he was a kid and Gai wanted to be like him. Such an irony that Shoe wants to be like Gai all these time. Overall this is a rather nice episode. There's some incest treat in this episode too, if you fancy that thing.


  1. I went jackiechan this time. Eventhough flashback episode certainly bring some deus ex plot, but it's way too much plot twist without hint.

    But like you said, I watched this for pure entertaiment and just sip my tea desu wa

  2. I know right. At this point there's no turning back. We must go whatever lay ahead on us :hero:

  3. This episode was really great. It made me want to look forward to watching guilty crown again.

  4. inb4 in the next episode everyone will be having a great time in a school festival episode! I can't wait XD

  5. Just watched it. There's incest in this episode. =.=