Nisemonogatari 02

Oh man, so much HHHNNNGGG in this episode. SHAFT, are you trying to kill me from heart attack?

(I wish I had more time to make a long post but unfortunately there isn't. Instead I just post a short review like the usual.)

The OP is changed, now with Karen's seiyuu KitaEri on the vocal. The song itself is pretty nice. Catchy as usual. The whole episode consists of, obviously, talking and talking. Arararararagi deals with three girls: Nadeko, Karen and Kanbaru. The best part of the episode is of course Kanbaru, now hotter and sexier than before. The episode ends with Kanbaru's reverse sekuhara on Arararararagi which is probably a divine punishment for what he had done in the previous episode. The ED theme is sung by ClariS titled Naisho no Hanashi. Quite an admirable song I must say. As expected from my favorite singer duo. It is worth mentioning that the song was composed by ryo, of the supercell fame.

So far they've re-introduced almost all characters from the prequel, minus Tsubasa and Shinobu so probably next episode will be focused on those two or probably not. Well, I just hope at least Shinobu says a few words because SHAFT is fucking hired Maaya Sakamoto as her seiyuu. How can you hire a famous voice actress and give her a blank script? (What? Aya Hira-who?)


  1. This episode was dangerous. I almost leapt to the screen and became a pedophile. That last sekuhara joke really made me laugh.

  2. I'm was thinking watching Semi Hentai, while watching this episode >3<.

    By the way, where TSUBASA HANEKAWA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!