Space Bros

Hell yeah, another one of my favorite manga has officially announced to be adapted to anime! This time it's a great manga that I found by chance recently. Uchuu Kyoudai a.k.a Space Bros is a manga about two brothers who want to be astronauts and go to space. Isn't that awesome? Yes, SPAAAAAAAAACEEE is awesome.

When they were young, Mutta the big bro and Hibito the young bro made a promise that they will become astronauts together and go to space. Nine years later, Hibito has become an astronaut and set to become the first Japanese to land on the moon. On the other side, his brother Mutta has just recently become unemployed after head-butting his boss (Zidane's style).

One day, Mutta receives a certain letter from JAXA (probably Japanese counterpart of NASA) informing him that he will participate in the new astronaut selection test. Thus the manga follows his progress in the test. In later chapter he will meet other test participants like himself.

Uchuu Kyoudai is one of the best manga I read recently, beside Maoyuu Maou Yuusha. Personally, I like the premise of this manga. I like how it approaches the space-theme in a realistic way. It is interesting to find out how one can become an astronaut. I'm sure many of us have a dream of becoming an astronaut when we were young, well, this manga is definitely for you!

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