Nisemonogatari 03

Dayum, I think I can enjoy the sight of Hitagi blushing forever.

Looks like the story in Nisemonogatari is finally starting to rise up to the surface. But more important than that, we have a Hitagi episode! Gawd, there's so much win in this episode. Hitagi goes on her jelly-mode and starts insulting Churaragi? Win. Ararararagi breaks the handcuffs as soon as he hears his sister needs help? Win. Hitagi goes dere dere? Win, win and win. All hail Shaft and Shinbo!

(Still no Tsubasa appearance yet. At least she gets mentioned at the last part.)

(Also, my Nisemonogatari post is getting shorter and shorter.)


  1. Me thinks, this is the point where this season's story starts to get complicated.

  2. Can't wait to know what's the deal with the antagonist