Winter 2012 here I go

sauce right here
Actually the post title should be "Winter 2012 sucks so I'll stay with my 2011 anime thanks" but I decided not to use it because it'll be too long. So is there any anime that worth watching in this first anime season of 2012? The list looks pretty meh. Only one or two anime that grabbed my attention. This is somewhat a depressing way to start a new year. But then I went into a reasonable conclusion: 'tis shall be the time to finish those bunch of backlogged shows. I have a great amount of shows that I need to finish, like right fucking now.

Shows like Dennou Coil, Planetes, Mononoke and Mushishi have been sitting around in my hard drive gathering dust. Those are arguably great shows, so rather than watching moe harem bullshit or kawaii lolis I prefer my deep and philosophical anime, thank you very much. But, I'm still gonna watch moe harem bullshit and kawaii lolis in Nisemonogatari though. That show is going to kick so much ass.

Shortlist of winter 2012 anime:
Nisemonogatari ~ watching this like a smooth mofo
Daily Lives of High School Boys ~ watching this shit
Amagamon SS+ plus ~ probably watching, probably not
Another ~ depends on the first impression
Moe Hitman ~ lol JC Staff lol
Moe Space Pirates ~ soniamdisappoint.jpg (actually this one looks interesting)
B★RS ~ nope.jpgInu x Boku SS ~ is this gonna be like Kurenai again
My papa can't be this cute! ~ what is this shit and why should I care
Recorder to Something ~ show with ridiculous premise, I mean what the hell japan?

I don't interested with the rest. That's it.


  1. Hey minoru, can I suggest you one? Just saw the first episode of it and really liked it. You should try it out: Natsume Yuujinchou

  2. Yeah, that anime is already at my watchlist for long time ago but unfortunately I have no motivation to start it. Probably one day.

  3. I have watch it, and I'm bored watch it. -_-"

  4. Winter season! Why still 2 days of wait? ç___ç

  5. Imma gonna watch nisemonogatari liek true pedo

  6. @feal87
    The time is coming.


  7. "what is this shit and why should I care"... LOL

    I certainly will be watching Nisemonogatari ;p~