Winter 2012 first episodes impression (part 2)

This is the continuation of last post.

First episode is, eh... kinda okay for me. I've been told that this anime is similar to Onegai Teacher but I've never seen that so I can't make any comparison or whatever. I probably gonna stick around a few episodes before deciding to continue or drop.

Inu x Boku SS
Ah yes, obligatory fujoshi bait. What's with the bishie and all. It's a great anime when I watched it at 2x speed. Believe me, go try it! Still, there's no way I can follow this show weekly so I must drop it for my own good.

Mouretsu Space Pirates
This one is obligatory "X added with moe element" kind of anime. This time it's space pirate + moe. Don't know how it'll work, so I think I'm gonna watch a few episode to make sure it makes sense or not.

Thermae Romae
Okay hahaha Thermae Romae is friggin' hilarious. Never thought this anime will aired in noitaminA slot. I've read a few translated chapters of the manga before and I think the anime executed the story pretty well. It's only 3 episodes so it won't hurt to have a nice change of pace from the usual anime I watch.

Yes, another post down!  There's still part 3 so stay tuned in MINORU'S BLOG.


  1. . It's a great anime when I watched it at 2x speed >>> I lol's so hard.

    Damn dude, one pic one punch line format is so awesome

  2. Thanks for the compliment dude.